About the Olive Tree Initiative

          The Olive Tree Initiative first came together in the Spring of 2007 at UC Irvine as a grassroots student and faculty initiative. The group ventured into the Middle East in 2008 with their inaugural trip to Israel and the West Bank. This website serves as a resource to learn more about the organization, how we were founded, and what we are working towards. You can read more about that first group here.  Since, the group has expanded nationally and internationally, and developed its academic foundation becoming one of the world's premier training grounds for international conflict analysis and resolution.

          OTI's involvement includes both the student body of active campuses, and the community that surrounds them. We pride ourselves on educating the next generation of leaders, and many of our alumni have continued their OTI experience into graduate school and professional careers -- becoming leaders in their respective disciplines. Community members have the opportunity to participate directly in the program as well, illustrating our commitment to continuing education beyond the university setting.

          None of this would be possible without the support of the faculty and staff of active OTI Universities and our partners across the world. The regions and conflicts we study are often controversial politically, historically, socially -- and we make an active effort to address these and other cultural sensitivities in our itineraries, while making our policies and processes as transparent as possible. Frequently asked questions are addressed in our FAQ, and you can always contact us directly if your questions or concerns are not answered in the resources provided here.

          Thank you for stopping by!