OTI Community Trip

Though OTI remains a student-centered organization, the real secret behind OTI’s success is our strong community relations.  OTI student trips are 80% privately funded by diverse donors from the community who passionately support student leadership development and mentorship.

OTI students regularly appear on panels and presentations in Mosques, Synagogues, Churches, Temples, and other religious and non-religious community centers.  Many times, Universities will ask OTI participants to be involved in mentorship and community learning across their program offerings.  All OTI campuses have a community advisory group that supports the students learning, experiences, and more. 

Recently, OTI began hosting “Meals with Olives”, where community members generously open up their homes for a night of dinner for community supporters and OTI alumni to learn from the students about their trip experiences and more.  Many community supporters wish to host students before and after a trip in order to see how the trip impacts students, forming strong relationships and mentorship over the course of their educational and professional careers.

In 2010, OTI decided to host our first “Community Trip” which allows community members and student supporters to have a similar experience as the top University students they support do.  Though the trip is around half the length of our official student trips, we aim to give community members a taste of the interesting meetings all of the students go to.  e.

Next year's Community Trip will take place in May, 2014.  Please contact us at ASAP to learn more details and to reserve your spot.