IsaacUC Irvine Class of 2010

Major: Political Science

"Without OTI, I would not have had the capacity to work with, and coalesce key players in such a polarized region, around a common issue. I would not have had the ability to communicate effectively with people who have opposing views to me. And I certainly would not have had both the humility and resilience that I am grateful to have today. It was my community and my people who gave me my identity and my ambition. But it was OTI that gave me the ability to cross difficult borders, and do something constructive with all of it."


After OTI:

Immediately after graduating from UC Irvine, I returned to the Middle East and completed an M.A. in Government. Today, I work in Jerusalem to create a more peaceful Middle East through my position as Executive Director of the Centre for New Diplomacy. Our centre has become a vehicle for stakeholders on all sides of the conflict to travel to, connect, and build partnerships with people and groups from other sides of the political spectrum. In my spare time, I travel to under-developed communities throughout Africa and create opportunities for fair trade export to developed markets.