What students are selected to go on the annual trip?


The Olive Tree Initiative actively recruits and selects student leaders who have shown strong leadership and academic excellence to participate in our annual diplomatic trips.  OTI effectively prepares foreign policy experts for the future, sending many of our alumni onto scholarship study in international affairs at top universities (see list of our alumni), as well as onto careers in the government and international organization offices.  Thus, we have a very selective application process for students who wish to apply for the trip.  Faculty, alumni students and community members review student applications and interviews are conducted to ensure only the best and brightest student leaders are chosen.

OTI is student-directed in partnership with faculties and does not preach top-down philosophies.  Faculty and organization leadership are there to help empower the student leadership in their endeavors and to help ensure that the program continues to remain apolitical, nonpartisan, and unbiased.  The students within the program come with their own perspectives, points of view, and arguments. They choose to work with one another, and directly affect what the group does on their campus.  The leadership ensures that students of differing perspectives remain civil and that the make-up of the group remains balanced.