The Olive Tree Initiative's community trips explore historic and present-day political, economic and cultural relations. Community Trips are open to ALL those interested in the OTI experience, typically "post-graduation". There is no "application process" and the costs are inclusive of transportation, meetings, entrance fees and lodging in 4 star, or better, accommodations.

Join our staff on the next community trip to Northern Ireland, April 25th - May 6th, 2020! We will be staying in Belfast, Derry/Londonderry and Dublin, along with day trips to other cities.

For questions regarding this trip or any other future community trips please email Susan Seely at





Our Community Trip to the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland 2017.


OTI Community Trip participants learned about the historical, cultural, and political conflict spanning generations, resulting in countless lives lost as a result of violence and enmity.  They studied the roles of various regional actors in negotiating a peaceful to the conflict, met the actors involved as well as those who continue to build relationships and maintain peace between these two countries and peoples. Our itinerary included visits/stays in London, Glasgow, Dublin, and Belfast.