The Olive Tree Initiative is active on a number of California campuses and one in the United Kingdom (See OTI Campus Chapter Page). In conjunction with the campus Administration and faculty of each individual campus, students who are interested in participating in the Experiential Education component of OTI will also participate in an academic educational curriculum which covers the history, politics, and cultural causes of conflict in the region studied. OTI is student-directed in partnership with staff and administration. who are there to help empower the student leadership in their endeavors and to help ensure that the program continues to remain apolitical, nonpartisan, and unbiased.  The students within the program come with their own perspectives, points of view, and arguments, and learn to hear one another's understandings and to help elevate conversations on campus with respectful, constructive conversations and engagement.

OTI recruits and selects students who have shown leadership and academic excellence to participate in our Spring and Summer trips. Participants are chosen through an application process combined with and in-person interview. 

The Olive Tree Initiative is currently active on several UC Campuses, Chapman University and the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Additional chapters are beginning and are in development. If interested in starting a chapter on your campus, please contact us at  Please see the OTI Campus Chapters page for more information.